How You Can Save Time & Money By Avoiding Probate…

An attorney service to collect and transfer property of decedent with an estate of less than $150,000

Are you in either of the following situations?

  • A loved one has died and you cannot access the money in the deceased’s bank or brokerage account because the account is in their name only and the financial institution will not release the funds
  • You’ve been told that without a trust or estate plan in place, the only way to gain title of the deceased’s house, land, or timeshare is by going through probate court which could cost a minimum of $7,000 and take at least a year to settle

These situations can add a lot of stress and worry to what is already an emotional and trying time for you and your family.

That’s why we’re here to help.

“How We Can Help…”

In some situations it IS possible to avoid formal probate administration so that you can settle your affairs in a quarter of the time that probate court would take at less than half the cost or a even a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how:

  • Personal Property (bank and brokerage accounts) can be transferred by affidavit or declaration, meaning that the best way to get the banks to give you access to those accounts is to submit written legal documents following very specific California state laws
  • Real Property (land, timeshares, homes) under $50,000 may be transferred by a legal document filed and approved by the Superior Court of California and then filed with the County Recorder’s office
  • Real Property greater than $50,00 but less than $150,000 can be transferred by an expedited shortcut (3 months)  filed with the Superior Court of California as a way to avoid formal probate administration

In order to qualify as a California Small Estate the total sum of the assets must be less than $150,000.

If you qualify we can help you…

  • Collect and transfer bank and brokerage accounts so you have access to the money in your inheritance
  • Collect and transfer real property so you can enjoy your childhood home or sell the property and spend the proceeds
  • Collect and transfer timeshares so you can take annual family vacations
  • Determine Intestate Succession (Intestacy) which means we help legally determine who’s entitled to what

“How We Stack Up…”

In many cases, you can certainly fill out the paperwork yourself or hire a legal document assistant (LDA) to process it for you. However, it is not legal for LDAs to provide legal advice. With our services, you will have your matters handled by a probate attorney who is qualified to give you all the assistance you need in settling your affairs as quickly and with the least amount of stress possible.

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